03 February, 2013

Jungle Beans Bag Tutorial

This is one of the classic toys from my childhood memory. (I am not that old.)  I remember playing, throwing, catching and juggling them. This  also makes the perfect Birthday present for my baby girl who is turning two TODAY! As my children watched me sew them, I  cannot keep them off their hands. As soon as I finish one, they grab it to throw, juggle and play with them. 

Colourful fabric cut to 15cm x 15cm squares

1. Put two pieces right side together and sew together four sides with 1cm seam allowance, leaving a 3cm opening for turning. Double stitch 2-3cm at corners for strength.

2. Zig-zag stitch four edges, leaving the same 3cm opening for turning.

3. Trim corners and turn right sides out. Use a funnel to fill the bag with 1 cup of rice. Top stitch the opening 2mm from the edge. Remember to back stitch at both ends.  

A pair of little hands are already holding onto it before I quickly cut off the thread.

‘Look! Here is another one...’ disappearing into jungle.

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