05 February, 2013

Water Bottle Cozie Tutorial

Water Bottle Cozie
I made two water bottle cozies for the new school year. The male cozie never come home after the FIRST day of school. While I am still hopeful it will make it way to the lost property box, I started making not one, but two more male cozies. They are not going out of my sight until I buy some iron-on labels.

25cm of main fabric
25cm of light weight interfacing
One face washer or hand towel
10cm of 20mm wide Velcro

1.5cm seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated.

1. Cut two 28x18cm main fabric for cozie. Cut two 28x18cm interfacing.
Cut two 17x6cm main fabric for strap. Cut two 17x6cm interfacing.
Cut one 28x18cm towel for padding.

2.   Iron interfacing onto the wrong side of two cozie pieces and two strap pieces

3. Cut Velcro into two 5cm pieces. Fold strap in half and open to get a folded line on the strap. Center  Velcro hook (male part) on the right side, 5mm from the folded line and stitch.  

4.   Fold the strap in half with the right sides together and sew the long sides together to form a strap. Trim corners and seam allowance to reduce bulk, turn the right side out and press, the Velcro hook should now be on the outside. Top stitch three sides 2mm from edges, leaving the end open. Repeat the step 3 and 4 for the second strap.

5. (Optional) decorate one cozie piece however your heart desires.

6. Lay the decorated piece right side up as shown on picture below. Measure 3cm from top and bottom edges and position the two straps with Velcro hook facing up, lining up open end with the edge of cozie, stitch together 10mm from the edge.  

7. Position Velcro loop (female part) on the cozie as shown on picture, 3.5cm from the corner and stitch.

8. Place the second piece of cozie facing down over the first one so that the right sides are facing each other. Put the padding material over the top.  Pin and sew all three pieces together, leaving a 3cm opening between the two straps for turning. Trim corners and layer seam allowance to reduce bulk.
8. Turn right side out and press. Pin the opening closed and finish with top stitch 2mm around all edges. 

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