27 February, 2013

What is a Pinafore Dress?

According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, a pinafore is ( in Britain)  a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or sweater. US and Canadian name it a jumper. 

Despite growing up in Hong Kong, a British colony and living in Queensland, Australia for 22 years, I have not came across the word 'pinafore'. Yes, I am new to sewing and I found this pattern in a British magazine.  The British call it a pinafore dress and the Americans call it a jumper. I would just call it a dress in Australia. None of the online dictionaries tell me what Australians call a pinafore. To me, a dress it is.

I certainly don't think my girls will be wearing a blouse or a sweater under this dress in our warm summer days. They may wear a long sleeved T-shirt under it in winter. 

You will see more photos of these two reversible pinafores in my next post.  I am waiting for some good weather to get some beautiful photos of my girls in these dresses.

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