17 February, 2013

Why pay for it when you can get it free?

I was  browsing the Internet for my next project. I already found a pattern for a fully reversible dress for my princesses yesterday. Once again, this is a free pattern from 'The Sewing World' magazine.  I can imagine my two girls wearing their dresses. LOVE free pattern.

An idea of making a reversible hat to match their dresses came to me this morning. As soon as breakfast finished, I am on a mission to find out how to make a reversible hat. At first, I took one of my children's hat, measuring the width of brim, diameter of crown and the length of side penal. Laying it flat on a table, turning it inside out, figuring out how it is sewn together. Then I thought, someone may have posted a  pattern online.  Several websites I clicked on SELL hat pattern for as much as $8. With a few more minutes of clicking and googling, I found at least three websites with free patterns and instructions on reversible bucket hats. I now have  hat patterns from infant to adult sizes. LOVE free pattern.

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