02 February, 2013

Water Bottle Cozie

Water Bottle Cozie
My children started school last week. Since they didn't get  new water bottles this year, I made them new water bottle cozies. They often bring iced water with a towel wrapped around their bottles with rubber band. This water bottle cozie will absorb the condensation and keep the water cool for the whole day. No more wet towel and ugly rubber band.


 You can use scraps to make up the required size. My children chose the materials for me. They are very pleased with the new look.


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The Sewing Bug


When I  catch the sewing bug, all I want to do is staying near my sewing machine. Sometime the bug lasts for a couple of hours. Other times, it  lasts for days, weeks and months. I will share with you the effect of this bug.

I am a self taught mother of three with a sewing bug in the sunshine state of Australia.  Apart from the compulsory sewing classes I had in high school, I never have any sewing lesson. I may not do things the way it is supposed to be done professionally, but I make sure whatever I sew will stay together. My inspirations are from the internet and magazines.   I love the satisfaction of someone wearing or cuddling my creations.

While I am developing this blog, please go to my facebook page for my recent projects.